sometimes you are taken to a place you have never been before and you simply don’t want to leave.

I chose the name of this blog specifically because, I wanted to get lost somewhere. In a euphoria. I wanted to feel something bigger than myself. I wanted a burning sensation, something new, untouched, unexplored. In the midst of looking, I came across it. It wasn’t luck, chance or coincidence. This energy brought me to this place, this peaceful, beautiful place. He has the unlimited energy to take me beyond my limit and make me feel like everything around us has disappeared. It’s just me and him, in this room, the electricity that moves us can surely make the entire building lose power. I am certain of it.  The touch is prominent and I can feel his finger tips on my skin when I think of his name. The thoughts are erotic, sensual and seductive. A place between here and there is this infatuating man that has the confidence like I have never seen before. He walks through the building with such a grace that is so captivating. Your attention drawn directly to his bright blue eyes, instantly he has you feeling the fire. What a place to be, in this crazy world where everything is uncertain but this very moment, that leads me to this hour. His hour.